We lead the green revolution

We are working on many agtech RnD works that can change the way we grow our foods… Our engineering team is working energetically to make them real soon as possible for you.

Urban plant incubator

Farming getting challenging for urban community day by day. We want to solve this challenge and create the possibility to grow any thing at your home. With less space and less cost. Our R&D team is working on it . Soon you will be able to grow your foods in home.

Green sensors and measuring equipment

Affordable measuring equipment for Sri Lankan cultivation environment to grow your crops in precise conditions and get maximum profits.

Internet of farms

Measure and evaluate the progress of your farm over time. We are on developing smart farming solutions with sensor fusion technologies which enables you to get maximum profit from each and every square feet of your farm.

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Light conditions
  • Soil condition
  • Air condition ( CO2 and O2)
  • PH level monitoring

We want to make education fun again

Education is always a fun and adventurous once we get the correct tools. Our team came up with creative idea to teach young engineers and tech lovers how to program with a help of cool toys.  Soon your kid will be able learn programming while playing faster than you imagine.

We always wanted to make our life easy

We know less problems equal to happy life. That is why we are doing so many researches to make it happen. We design hardware and software solutions to make it possible. No matter how big or small the problem is our engineering team is ready to give the best answer we can with best user experience.

Don’t mess up next time

Petta is the best place to buy every thing you want. But the real problem is finding exact thing you want. There thousand of shops sellers with millions of different type of goods. So how to find it?


That’s why we made easyPetta app for you to find every thing you want in reliable way.

Smart Solutions for Smart business

Smart solutions for smart businesses to win highly competitive markets. Our expertise knowledge and experience in hardware and software technologies made it possible to probe your brick and motor environment.

Consumer Behavior Tracking System

Understand the true will of your clients with our foot traffic measuring and behavior tracking system. With advanced beacons and algorithms we are working on you can know where your clients spend more time, their favorite vising paths with more about their buying patterns.


Our solution is exclusively made for super market chains, large malls who wish to retain most of their clients.


We are using industrial standard technologies such as Bluetooth and other RF platforms to sense and inform everything going on your mall.

State of the art outdoor advertising platform

Fed up chasing clients. We have created the best platform for you to get closer to your clients. Admob  the dynamic outdoor advertising platform. Pay as you go type advertising platform which makes it easy for your business to get the maximum attraction from minimal cost.