Our vision drives us for

Working towards enriching lives with technology while driving Sri Lanka to the pinnacle of technology innovation.


made from individuals working in art, electronics and software engineering. That’s why we are a unique and futuristic tech company in Sri Lanka. Our diversity empowers us to stage creative solutions for industrial and consumer needs.

That is how we becameĀ  successful providing R&D services to Sri Lankan and foreign businesses since 2015.

Meet our team

  • Ushan Chaminda
    Ushan Chaminda Co-founder/Electronic Design Engineer

    Passionate electronic engineer + entrepreneur with a dream of inventing new things world hasn’t seen yet…

  • Randunu Kaushalya
    Randunu Kaushalya Co-Founder/ Senioir Software Engineer

    I see a huge gap between the way Sri Lankan industries performing compared to industries in tech rich countries. I believes mobile and A.I. technologies as solutions to fill that gap and drive our country to a prosperous future.

  • Lihini Senanayake
    Lihini Senanayake Software Architect/ Lead Engineer

    Engineering software which makes millions of people’s lives easier is my dream and I’m working on it as a lead architect and a web application developer for our valuable clients.

  • Piumika Dassanayake
    Piumika Dassanayake Trainee Software Engineer

    Love ART and software! Learning to create best experience for software users!

  • Venusha Amarathunga
    Venusha Amarathunga Trainee Software Engineer

    I work hard with my full capacity to bring the best to Sri Lankan IT industry!

  • Ishara Thilina
    Ishara Thilina Trainee Firmware Engineer

    Loves electronics and firmware engineering. Follower of philosophy and spirituality!

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