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Rational-X is a pioneer startup surging out in modern tech wave, located at the heart of Ceylon. Creative team of thinkers, artists and engineers working together with great passion to create intelligent solutions for the next few decades. Rational-X team composes both hardware and software solutions to answer challenging problems in modern society. We help people and businesses by making their life easy and comfortable with our creative ideas.

We invest our knowledge and time in many areas worthy to engage for smart future. We see thousands of opportunities and thousands of good things in these areas.


Smart farming technologies for challenging environments. We design precise farming equipment for urban farming.


Education should be an enjoyable process. That is why we design playful education toys for kid engineers to explore the world of  mysteries with joy.


We solve day to day challenges in many ways. Our team invents Apps and Gadgets to make our life easy.

Smart Solutions

Smart solutions for retail and marketing industry to optimize the business and win loyal customers.

Are you up to a big innovation?


Are problems bothering your business?


We can help!

We can help you to develop your ideas and win your targets. Our R&D team can hep you many ways… See for your self.


Simple data loggers to large sensors fusions, we deliver best solutions for your IoT needs.


We embedded many technologies for various needs. We have experience and knowledge in various micro processor architectures such as ARM, AVR, PIC and MSP430.


We develop connected, real time and power efficient firmware's for your target platforms. Our team is has experiences in AVR, PIC, ARM, MSP430 and highly flexible to get into new platforms in minimal time.


We are capable of developing desktop and web application from scratch for your needs.


We design and develop mobile applications for your needs with best quality code practices


Our experiences, our knowledge in embedded system, mobile and desktop application development areas can guide you to choose the best path for your business and researches.